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To use UQ's Fee Calculator, simply select from the above options and then add your courses at step 5 to find out what they cost.

Before using the Fee Calculator you need to identify the courses in which you intend to enrol. You can find information about the courses you can or must enrol in for your program on the Courses and Programs website. 

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Note: All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are GST exempt

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Fee Calculator

Before using the Fee Calculator you need to identify the courses in which you intend to enrol.

You can find information about the courses you can or must enrol in for your program on the Courses and Programs website; please refer to the Course List and Program Rules which you will find on your program’s webpage under Program Rules and Requirements.

You can generate and print a PDF record of the Fee Calculator results by clicking on the link next to the PDF icon.

Important information

  • To use the Fee Calculator:
    • At step 1, for your student type ( domestic or international) select your fee type:
    • At step 2, select your study option - based on your selection at step 1, one or more of the following options will appear for selection:
      • UQ Undergraduate degree
      • UQ Postgraduate degree
      • UQ College Associate Degree
      • Select ‘Not for a UQ degree/UG* or PG non-award courses’ if you are not enrolling in a degree program at UQ (e.g. you are a cross-institutional student or undertaking just a few courses at UQ)**
      • Research Professional Doctorate  fee calculations are only relevant to international tuition fee paying students with a start year of 2016 or later.
      • * The online fee calculator does not include fees for domestic tuition fee paying students undertaking level 6 undergraduate non-award courses. Please contact Student Fees (ph. 3365 2328 or fees@uq.edu.au) for course fee advice.
        ** Includes part-time non-award international students, not on a student visa.
    • At step 3, select the year you first started or intend to start your degree or the year you are undertaking your non-award or cross-institutional study*.
    • * Cross institutional Commonwealth supported students need to select the year they commenced as a Commonwealth supported student in their degree program at their home institution.
    • Step 4 is only for international students with a start year of 2016 who are undertaking a UQ degree or research professional doctorate program
      • Enter the program name or code to search and select your program from the drop down list.
    • At step 5 add your course selection(s).
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you select options that are correct for you e.g. if you select that you are a Commonwealth supported student but you do not have a Commonwealth supported place or if you select a 'Start Year' of 2014 but you commenced your program in 2011, the fees displayed will not be correct for you.
  • The fees displayed for the course(s) you add to the Fee Calculator are only applicable for the displayed study period(s). A study period is a semester (or research quarter) at UQ or a trimester at UQ College in a particular academic year e.g. Semester 1, 2016 or Trimester 1, 2016.
  • All fees are subject to annual cost indexation and the University reserves the right to vary its fees.
  • This is not an invoice for payment and selecting courses in the Fee Calculator does not enrol you in the courses. Invoices are only available following enrolment at UQ via mySI-net and are payable by the fees due date for the relevant study period. Fee liability is finalised based on your enrolment details recorded at the census date for each study period. Current and prospective students should refer to the Census Date page for study period census dates. In the event of a discrepancy between fees on the online fee calculator and fees on an official invoice from UQ, the fees on the invoice shall prevail. Note Online Fee Calculator data are 24-48 hours behind mySI-net.
  • Fees are calculated based on the unit value for each course in which you are enrolled in a study period. Current and prospective students should refer to the equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) and UQ course units page for more information.
  • The Fee Calculator does not contain:
  • The student contribution amounts displayed for Commonwealth supported students do not reflect the HECS-HELP discount currently available to Australian citizens, New Zealand Special Category Visa holders who meet the HELP residency requirements and permanent humanitarian visa holders who elect to pay $500 or more up-front. The HECS-HELP discount will cease for courses with a census date on or after 1 January 2017.
  • The Fee Calculator does not provide total program fee calculations. If you are commencing a degree program this year, select the relevant link below and multiply the duration of your program (this will either be displayed as a number of years or a number of semesters) by the indicative annual or semester fee. The result will be an estimate only, for two reasons:
    • course fees go up each year (on average by about 4 per cent); and
    • indicative fees are calculated based on average enrolment patterns and the courses you enrol in for your program may differ from this pattern.